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I thank you for your excellent services Atsa İnş. Ltd. We are happy to work with Boray Emlak. We have seen how professionally Boray Emlak works, from Leyla M. Hurşit Hanımefendi. As Leyla sees her interest and relevance to us and her bond with customers, we embrace Boray more.
Ata Satur (Atsa İnş. Ltd.), Happy Costomer
It was the first and very good experience for me. Don't buy a house, buy a neighbor, I met a very good real estate agent. I would like to thank the Boray Emlak family and your real estate consultant Ms. Leyla.
Seray Gülbudak, Happy Customer
Boray Emlak and Mr. I was very pleased with the cooperation we made from Leyla M. Hurşit Hanım. I wish them continued success in their work, thank you.
Aysın Yılmaç, Happy Customer
Thank you very much for helping, you are so kind and helping me to much.
Kazım Salabandi | Zaria Salabandi | Milad Salabandi, Happy Costomer
We are very happy that we bought this house. Fortunately, we came to Boray Emlak and met you. Thanks to the entire team for their honesty and reliability, for sharing their help and our happiness with us.
Saynur | Aykut Öksüz, Happy Customer
We are extremely satisfied and happy with the interest, relevance and respect shown by the Boray family. He is extremely meticulous in his mission. We thank the Boray family and wish them continued success in the new year.
İhsan Hamal | Bedir Hamal, Happy Customer
I cannot thank enough the Boray family, they changed our lives by helping us find the villa of our dreams and in the sale of our flat in Kyrenia.
Prof. Dr. Tayfun Turgay, Happy Customer
I sold my previous apartment through Boray Real Estates (Mr. Hüseyin). And I was so happy to deal with him. Now I'm going to deal my new apartment throught Boray as well. Thanks a lot.
Mr. Monfareed, Happy Customer
Thanks to the trust, honesty and frankness of the valuable salespeople of the company I visited regarding the sale of my house, it enabled me to direct the buyer customer about my house to your company even though I found it myself. My house was also sold in a short time. Therefore, I would like to thank the Boray Emlak family and wish you continued work.
Yılmaz Şamlı, Happy Customer
My struggle to buy a house from Kyrenia for 3 years was finally realized thanks to Boray Emlak. Boray Real Estate employee Asiye Hanım tried to offer me a new portfolio for a full year without getting bored and tired, and never gave up even one day because of a wrong attitude and / or smiling in her attitude and belief towards me. He never broke off the process and always kept me informed of new developments. He tried to make me a home owner with sincere behavior like a family member. And I would like to express my sincere gratitude to him for this goal that has come true at the end and wish him success in life.
Fezile Necdet, Happy Customer
We would like to thank them for the business partnership we have made with Boray Real Estate and wish to continue and for their professional approach towards us, and we wish them continued success.
Mesan Development Ltd., Happy Customer
I thank Boray Emlak for their interest, attention and patience.
Hasibe Şener, Happy Customer
Thank you so much to the Boray family for helping me sell my house. I am very satisfied with your work.
İrfan Özbeşer, Happy Customer
We would like to thank Boray Emlak for supporting us at every stage of our office, which we bought on behalf of our institution through your company.
Hakan Akdemir ( Tacirler Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş | Girne Şubesi, Happy Customer
Thousands of thanks to the Boray Emlak team. I would like to thank Mr. Asiye, the sincere and honest staff of Boray Emlak.
Bilge Adanur, Happy Customer
As I thank Boray Emlak staff, I am happy that they helped us become a house owner. I even have difficulty expressing my feelings, I am very happy. Our house is beautiful, wonderful, super, and we are very happy.
Gülay Deveci | Ali Şevketoğlu, Happy Customer
We thank the Boray Family for helping us realize our dreams and buy our ``first home``.
Hasan Yüksel (Yüksel Şoför Okulu), Happy Customer
I would like to express my gratitude to dear Boray Emlak staff with love and happiness. I recognized you by applying to buy a house. You are all very sincere, honest and well-meaning people. I bought my house, I am very happy. I kiss you all and wish you continued success in your work. Yours sincerely.
Esin Pastırmacıoğlu, Happy Customer
I purchased a lot of land from Hüseyin Emir, who is devoted in his service, smiling face, very successful in his presentation, very social in human relations, does not hurt his labor, has a systematic business understanding and, above all, a reliable personality, and I realized all my sales in peace. I would like to thank both Hüseyin and all the friendly staff of Boray Emlak.
Ayhan Terkan, Happy Customer
I met Boray Emlak because of the sale of my flat in Ortaköy. Starting from the sales evaluation of my apartment, it has made sales in a short time thanks to its professional approach, success in advertising and presentation. I would like to express my appreciation and thanks for their knowledge and devoted assistance in the realization of the sale and the transfer process.
Erdin Arı, Happy Customer
First of all, I would like to thank the entire Boray Emlak family for their honesty, ethics and sincerity. Both the disciplined work of the consultants and their knowledge were extremely useful in my decision-making. I recommend everyone about real estate.
Abdullah Karacan, Happy Customer
I would like to thank Boray Emlak for their sincere, honest and professional services regarding our land needs.
Mete Hanoğlu, Happy Customer
Endless thanks to Boray Emlak for helping us find the house we want to have for a long time.
Fatma Başak, Happy Customer
Thank you very much for their great interest and efforts in selling my house.
Olcay Arnavut, Happy Customer
Thank you very much for their great interest and efforts in selling my house.
İbrahim Basri, Happy Customer
I was very impressed by their interest and friendly approach to me from day one. I would like to thank Boray Emlak employees for helping me to have a peaceful and spacious flat thanks to their correct information and guidance throughout the process.
Peyman Telgrafçıoğlu, Happy Customer
Since I started building in Gönyeli region, I have been in a harmonious and productive cooperation with Boray Emlak. I especially thank the real estate agents for their professional behavior in all aspects, from the design of the projects to the sales strategy and presentation.
Celal Alpcan, Happy Customer
I would like to thank Boray Emlak employees for their efforts and efforts in the sale of my apartments. I wish you continued success.
Çelik Adanır, Happy Customer
Boray Real Estate's hardworking and fixing staff has earned my appreciation for the success of my homes. Thank you.
Turgay Ersalıcı, Happy Customer

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